Welcome to Mylangoo, the first linguistic social network in the world. Mylangoo to find professionals and people who speak your language.
Language is the first channel of communication in the world. However, when you are not multilingual, it is quite common to find that it quickly becomes a real barrier. The language barrier, beyond what one might think, is still a great handicap in today's society. This is a barrier that the majority of people come up against, whether in their professional life, in their social life or for their activities. Mylangoo was rightly designed to overcome this rather important problem today.

What is Mylangoo?
Have you just moved to a new city or country? It can be difficult to find a professional quickly, or simply to meet people who speak the same language as you with whom to communicate. But we all know that communication is the basis when you arrive in a new environment.

Mylangoo is a global linguistic social network created to help you find in a few clicks, people or any type of professional who can help you solve a problem and more importantly, who speaks your language. You will find on the site platform, a large number of artisans and traders speaking various languages, that it will be easy and quick for you to contact, whether you speak English, French, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Whether you need a lawyer, a doctor, a taxi, any type of craftsman, you will quickly find the professional qualified to help you in your adaptation to your new environment and in the needs that you will have on Mylangoo.

Seize the opportunity to be part of the largest language network in the world.
You will find on Mylangoo, all the languages ​​that are spoken today from French and English to German, Spanish and others. Mylangoo represents a very large linguistic network to which you will be part if you decide to register on the site's platform. You will be able to communicate more easily in your new environment. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people, learn and discover new languages, in addition to your language. Mylangoo is the best way to keep in touch with people, whether professionals in a given field (doctor, banker, dentist, plumber, etc.), craftsmen, or even simple people, in order to to adapt without great difficulty as mentioned earlier.

Mylangoo works in all countries?
Mylangoo was designed to work worldwide. Wherever you are and as long as you understand an official language in the world, you can use Mylangoo. It is a network that extends not only in one, or a few countries, but in the world.

Join now the large multilingual community of Mylangoo to facilitate your exchanges in a new country or in a new city, learn and discover new languages in the world.